Mac Sequel

A simple, Native Mac OSX query tool for Oracle

Made for your mac
Starts and runs fast
Organize queries into multiple sheets
Quickly describe a DB object
Explain plan
Free Download
Beta - version 0.2
About MacSequel
MacSequel is Oracle Query tool written from the ground up for your Mac OSX. I made this because I was sick of all those bloated "Java" based tools which takes minutes to load and consumes huge amount of memory. MacSequel is native Mac, starts quickly, runs smooth and is not bloated with thousands of features you will never use.
Almost All the things you need..
MacSequel can execute queries, Lets you organize your queries in multiple sheets, Helps you retrieve the "Sql plan", and describe the DDL of a DB object. The goal is to keep things simple and fast and yet provide as many features as possible.
Get in touch
MacSequel is a software that I love and use everyday. It's still in beta. I'd love to know any suggestion that will make this better. Mail me at:
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